Alison and Ken Taylor
44 Roborough Avenue
Mount Eliza, Vic 3930

PO Box 826
Mount Eliza, Vic 3930 Australia

Telephone 61 3 9787 3245
Facsimile 61 3 9775 2142
Mobiles 0419 545 233
0439 324 501

EduCARE Services Australia has been established to provide guardianship or welfare supervision services for families who have no contacts in Australia yet want their children under 18 years of age to study there.


We aim to provide:

Peace of mind for parents and families, knowing that their children are being well-monitored and cared for
Guidance for the students in our care in their academic, physical, social and emotional welfare
A service for institutions knowing that there is a point-of-contact for the student outside the institution, and that EduCARE Services Australia (ESA) will take responsibility for the student when outside the institution

and ensure that:
The criteria set down by the Department of Immigration, Multicultural & Indigenous  Affairs (DIMIA) can be met by the student in applying for the Student Visa
The student adheres to the criteria and requirements of the Student Visa once in Australia
Contact is made on a regular basis with the student, to answer any queries they may have
24 hour contact is available through phone (landline and mobiles), fax and email





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