Alison and Ken Taylor
44 Roborough Avenue
Mount Eliza, Vic 3930

PO Box 826
Mount Eliza, Vic 3930 Australia

Telephone 61 3 9787 3245
Facsimile 61 3 9775 2142
Mobiles 0419 545 233
0439 324 501

For students in ELICOS, TAFE institutions, and universities

Charges are as follows
(All include the Australian government 10% GST)  


Welfare Supervision (commonly called guardianship)  
Non-refundable application Fee: AUD 250
Weekly charge thereafter: AUD   33

Additional services of a Bi-Lingual Carer
(if required)
First four weeks: AUD 220
Weekly charge thereafter: AUD   33

Homestay placement fee
(To be paid to the homestay company)  

AUD 150
Homestay accommodation
(single room with all meals) 
AUD 230 – 270

Airport greeting and transfer to accommodation

(if required) Please note: this is an extra charge and is not included in the basic fee.

AUD   110 – 165

International Bank Fee
(if required)

AUD   15

Other services and fees are available on request.

"Welfare Supervision” means that the student has someone who will help and support them with any queries or problems s/he may have during that time, and someone they can turn to at any time.  The Welfare Supervisor is not part of the academic institution, nor the accommodation provider.  Thus s/he can negotiate on the student’s behalf with either of these if necessary.

The student will need to contact the Director of ESA when s/he arrives in Australia and let him
know where s/he is living and the contact phone numbers there or personal mobile phone number.

If the student is in a homestay, the homestay parent will show her/him how to get to and from his/her institution on the first day.  The Welfare Supervisor can assist with opening a bank account, buying a mobile phone, or getting a local number for an existing mobile phone. S/he will also provide any information necessary about aspects of life in Australia, especially the details of the conditions of the Student Visa.

The Welfare Supervisor is the person who must sign permission for participation in excursions, and in the rare cases where necessary, authorise specific medical treatment.

The Welfare Supervisor will be in regular contact by phone, email or in person and this contact can be initiated by either party. The Welfare Supervisor will respond quickly to any requests made or any help needed.

The Welfare Supervisor’s role is to support the student, not to police him/her and is there to be contacted whenever necessary for 24 hours each day.
  Parents are required to sign a "Appointment of Welfare Supervisor and Consent" form at the same time as payment is being made.  This will be sent to the parents by email, either directly or through the education agent, prior to the student’s departure for


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